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How I Got Rid Of My Acne

Everyone gets acne at some stage in their life. Mine just happened to be in my twenties unfortunately. I didn’t have a ton of money when I was in my early twenties so I couldn’t buy all these products to help my skin. I wound up researching things online that would cost me little to no money to clear up my acne. Some worked, some made it worse. By doing trial and error you figure out what works best for your skin type. I’m going to share some tips that have helped improve my overall acne situation. Now let’s get one thing straight, I still get acne especially the week before my monthly friend comes to visit. This week was especially bad, but I’ll share what I did to not have it linger as long as it used to.

Acne Spot Treatment🔴

This seems pretty straight forward. Use a spot treatment as soon as you see a pimple starting to form. Apply it with a q-tip every single night until it’s gone. Don’t use your fingers! I used to pick at my acne until it bled, but now I wait until it’s ready to pop. Once it’s open, I clean the area, and apply my Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. It dries it right up and by the morning it’s significantly smaller.


I’ve been using this trick since I was broke and looked for treatments for my acne😂 I had access to all the ice I wanted! When you have those super red, painful, gigantic pimples that you just can’t hide, ice that baby. It not only will feel good, but it will shrink the pimple in size, and take a lot of the redness away.


This has been a game changer for me. The good thing about Vaseline is it’s non-comedogenic which means it does not clog your pores. Alex and I were watching the UFC fights one night and I saw they always put Vaseline all over the fighters face before they get in the octagon. I asked Alex, “How do they not break out like crazy after slabbing Vaseline all over their face?”. He then informed me Vaseline is non-comedogenic. Since then, I started applying it to my pimples once I pop them open. It heals the wound up quickly, takes a lot of the redness away, and moistens it up after drying it out from the spot treatment. I usually apply Neosporin the first night so it prevents any infections and then Vaseline every night after until it’s gone.

Less Cleansing🧼

Whenever I heard people saying “less is more” I thought they were weird. I figured, the more you do, the better! Wrong wrong wrong! My skin is dry as a bone so if I don’t put on moisturizer immediately after the shower, hello breakouts. My skin will get super tight and start flaking. I went through trial and error for this one to figure out I only needed to wash my face once a day only and at night. Since I wake up with a clean face, all I do is wipe it with micellar water and then put on my skincare. This improved not only my breakouts, but it made my dry skin more hydrated. Now I wake up with glowing skin everyday!

Drinking Lots Of Lemon Water🍋💦

I make sure that the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do at night is drink lemon water. Not to mention, this is all I drink all day besides the one glass of diet soda I treat myself to 3-4 days a week. I probably drink 70-80oz of lemon water throughout the day. It’s not only improved my skin, but I’ve realized it’s helped my health overall. I feel more awake and alive when I stay hydrated and drink a ton of water.

Eating Less Sugar/Dairy🍭🥛

I’m a big candy/chocolate junkie, so this one was difficult for me to control. I cut out sugar for about a week and realized my acne did improve over that time period. I also try to cut out the amount of dairy I eat because me and dairy don’t get along so well. Less cheese and no milk whatsoever in my diet. I’ve been drinking unsweetened almond milk in my coffee for years now. At first, it was a big adjustment, but now I prefer the taste.

Switching My Birth Control💊

This was something I’ve noticed that was causing the majority of my breakouts last year. I swear, my skin was as bad as it ever was and it was all because I had to change my pill because of insurance. After switching it TWICE, I found that others had the same issue as me and so I asked my doctor for a low androgen pill instead. A high amount of androgens means more sebum being produced which causes more acne. I also started to notice my hair was falling out worse and worse. A few months after taking the low androgen pill, I noticed my skin got 90% better and my hair was growing back in places where I lost hair. If you’re a woman taking birth control and experiencing these problems that I had, check your pill! It helped me more than you know.

Washing Makeup Brushes & Sponges Regularly🧽

This is one that completely slips your mind and honestly I always just forget the last time I washed them. A lot of bacteria and dirt can live in your brushes and then you’re rubbing all that into your skin. I have been trying to wash my brushes every week or two (depending on how often I’ve been using them to wear makeup). To help me remember the last time I gave them a cleaning, I’ll mark it in my planner.

What helped you improve your skin? What do you think made your acne worse? Let’s help each other get rid of these stubborn breakouts!😜

My face hasn’t looked this clear.. EVER.

Let’s Be Friends🥰

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