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Happy National Puppy Day!

Everyday should be national puppy day because everyday should feel like a holiday to them. Dogs are so special and deserve all the love and attention in the world. If you read any of my past blog posts about my dog, Jazz you would know she means everything to me. If you want to read more about her, I’ll put the links on the bottom. I

I was in a big funk today for no reason whatsoever. I guess I had woke up on the wrong side of the bed. So you could say I was a TAD cranky until about golden hour. Jazz and I always go into the bedroom around that time since that’s where the sunset hits best. I will typically take in the beauty and snap some pictures during this time while Jazz lays in the sunlight, resting her eyes. She knew all day I was in a mood so she never left my side, not once. In that moment in the bedroom, I shook off all the bad juju I was carrying and just realized how lucky I am. I am so lucky to have a dog, not even a dog, a family member that loves me so much. She shows me just how loved I am everyday and that thought alone made me want to cry, but smile. We are all so thankful for our pups and we should be reminded of that every single day💗

I want to wish all your fur babies a Happy National Puppy Day! Even if they’re not puppies anymore, most of them still act like one, including mine! Who here has pups of their own?! Tell me all about them🤗💗

Where My Dog Parents At?

Road To My Rescue Dog

Let’s Be Friends🥰

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14 thoughts on “Happy National Puppy Day!

  1. Just yesterday, I nearly fainted while I was driving on my way home. 2-lane roads opposite directions with no median barriers. This dog was walking on the median, with serious risk of getting run over. I stopped and shouted for him to move and was hoping that other drivers saw me, and would realize what was happening. Luckily, with tons of horns alerting the dog he ran to the shoulder with all his friends. My rescues nearly suffered the same fate. 🙏🏼

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  2. Such a Beautiful picture and loved the article. I have a pit bully that’s very hyperactive, so I took him to a dog park yesterday and all he done was sit under my legs. He tries to make people think that he’s a threat by barking in the car but when he gets out😕He’s just a playful little kid. His name is Coco and we have national dog day everyday. Thank for the share🤓

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